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CellAssist allows you to see your car's information right from your smartphone. No longer will you have to guess what that check engine light means, when the last time you got your oil changed was, or feel alone when your car breaks down.

Check Engine

View your Check Engine codes directly on your phone. We break down the code, making it easy to understand. We'll even let you know if your car is still safe to drive.


Keep your car running well with accurate mainenance reminders based on your own mileage. Use recommended mileage or program it yourself.

Fuel Savings

CellAssist can show you how efficently you're driving your car. Easily compare yourself to others or compete with yourself to improve your efficiency and save money.

Use your favorite device.

CellAssist works on both Android and Apple products--your choice! If it's running Bluetooth, we have you covered. If you have something else, like Windows or Blackberry, please let us know that you want this for your phone here. We're listening.

Get to know your car. Reap the benefits.

We're developing more features every day, but why not highlight a few. Save on repair costs, improve your fuel efficiency, keep your car healthy with maintenance info, get help when your car breaks down, maybe even save money on we said, too many to list. Check out our FB Page for more information.

Plug in and Go. No Hassle.

The CellAssist App connects to your car through the INsiderTM, a small device that plugs into your car's OBD-II port. Don't think your car has this? If it's a 1996 or newer, we guarantee it does. Take a look under your dashboard for the port. All you need to do is plug it in!