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CellAssist INsider

CellAssist INsider

In 1996 it became Federal Law that every car sold in the United Sates had to be fully equipped with an OBDII port. Now, mechanics and consumers alike have access to all of the hidden data stored within the vehicles computer.

Average mileage, engine temperature, Vin Number, and with the help of location services, the INsider can even track trip data. Through the use of our patented Bluetooth low energy syst, every bit of information that is recorded and stored on the INsider unit can be accessed on your mobile phone or tablet.


Car batteries are painfully mortal, but they are our specialty! The INsider can give you an up to date analysis on the health of your battery.


Whether you’re a self-conscious gas guzzler or you’re showing off that hybrid, the INsider will record your mileage so you can stay green on the road and at the pump.


Ever wonder why that light on your dashboard is staring at you? The INsider will give you a detailed description about what’s wrong with your car, no need to schedule an appointment with the shop!


The INsider provides you with an abundance of live data on your vehicle. Everything from speed, distance, average mpg, engine temperature, even boost pressure. Ask, and you shall receive.


The INsider can record you daily trip, with location services available to you. Never again will you have to ask “Dude, where’s my car?”


The INsider is convenient for consumers and mechanics alike, but we didn’t stop there. The INsider may be able to ensure you get the right insurance.