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No matter where you are in the development life cycle you can leverage CellAssist's Bluetooth wireless device development experience and expertise. We can help you get the job done faster. CellAssist has over 15 years experience working in the Bluetooth ecosystem. We have developed our own world class Bluetooth wireless technology.

We know the Bluetooth wireless technology specifications from Bluetooth v2.0 to Bluetooth v5.1 We know how information flows through the Bluetooth protocol stack and can help you navigate any issues with our Bluetooth protocol analyzers.

With CellAssist Bluetooth Consulting Services, you can be confident your Bluetooth products will be more robust, more reliable, and fully compatible with current industry devices and standards – all at a minimal expense. >> Contact us today!


CellAssist has expertise in:

  • Bootloaders
  • RTOS integration
  • Low-level driver development (SPI, ADC, UART, I2C, PWM)
  • Complex communication protocols (USB, TCP/IP, Modbus, RS485, CAN)
  • Data storage (SDCard, NandFlash, NorFlash, EEPROM)
  • Security and encryption (TLS, Certificates, Firmware Signing, Secure Data Storage)
  • Performance optimization (e.g., DMA integration)

Because the skill sets needed for each project vary, we are able to learn new skills and adapt to quickly-changing technology. >> Contact us today!


The connected world, remote monitoring, asset tracking, automation & robotics, sensor enabled predictive maintenance, data-driven operations management, increased security, automated process control, are all industry wide macro trends that are driving new technology development and creating new opportunities for growth.

From vibration monitoring sensors to RFID tags and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons, CellAssist is experienced across many segments of the sensor, industrial IoT, test and measurement industries. >> Contact us today!


We have 14 years of industry-rich expertise in mobile application development to guide and aid businesses in their mobile initiatives. Our mobile consulting includes device compatibility research, MVP and PoC development, features or usability improvement of current mobility solutions as well as an implementation of new app concepts from scratch.

If you have an idea on how to improve your existing mobile solution or develop a completely new one, start with getting an expert review. Well-versed in multiple industries, our business analysts and experienced mobile developers will deeply analyze your application concept.

With our rich expertise in mobile UI/UX design, application development and testing, we are also ready to implement your solution. >> Contact us today!


We understand the vehicle data collection requirements and complete design and functional audit of the existing/legacy systems. We can design and develop OBDII software and services for data collection from light duty passenger vehicles. We can support implementation on all automotive physical layers - CAN, K-Line, ISO9141, PWM and VPW (J1850). We can do development, testing and maintenance support for Telematics, ADAS, Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, Driver Behavior Analysis We can Support for OBD2 Bluetooth and OBD2 Android in solution development. >> Contact us today!