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INform: Fleet Safety Management

CellAssist keeps vehicles safe and save fleet managers money. Our system monitors safe driving behavior and reports back to fleet managers when there is room for improvement. The information an include:

  • Sudden Braking Events
  • Fast Starts
  • A Unique Safety Score

We also track mileage, driving vs. idling, and vehicle performance. Routine maintenance reminders notify Fleet Managers when vehicles need work and when critical repair is necessary. CellAssist works with existing dispatch systems and can be customized to the exact needs of the fleet.



INsure is the entry level solution to Usage Based Insurance (UBI). Based on Bluetooth, CellAsssit can lower the upfront equipment costs and eliminate the monthly data charges. We currently record 32 parameters from the vehicle that help build a profile on driver and safety but can customize this to any insurance provider.

We also back the data we provide and its ability to identify at-risk behavior. We have recently been published in the Transportation Research Record.


CellAssist provides enhanced roadside assistance and reduces service call time. Technicians with CellAssist can pull VIN, DTC, freeze frame, and other live sensor data within seconds.

We also offer a remote diagnostic package. Members equipped with the CellAssist can transmit data to roadside assistance providers before a truck is dispatched. This data includes:

  • GPS Location data from the smartphone
  • Vehicle information including: VIN, DTC, and live sensor data
  • Membership number (if applicable)


INstructor: Driving School Plus

CellAssist provides driving schools with access to online scheduling, rosters, and session details. This provides any driving school with a competitive advantage that helps reduce operating costs. We allow programs to eliminate most of their paper procedures and come into the new age of cloud-based services through smartphones and tablets.


Superior Automotive Services

CellAssist provides automotive service providers with a competitive advantage like no other. CellAssist provides a new communication channel for dealerships or third-party service providers looking to build strong customer loyalty.

Our system monitors vehicle performance and reminds drivers exactly when it is time for particular services. We allow members to check their own vehicle health on their smartphone. This new approach allows automotive service providers to target specific services, send coupons through our app, and even schedule right there from their smartphone.


With CellAssist, rental car companies can get direct access to their fleet vehicles. This access allows them to automatically see when vehicles are checked in, the mileage driven for the rental period, accurate fuel level readings and many more. CellAssist also uses this data to provide additional services to the rental car company such as maintenance alerts and diagnostics.